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2022 Minimum boarding fee (up to 4 hens) £6 per night

Chicken Boarding

Boarding at 'Happy Hens'

Leave your chickens with us in our secure, all year surface, boarding area while you enjoy your holiday knowing that they are being well cared for.

Unfortunately I cannot let your chickens free range during their stay but I will ensure they get their greens to eat whilst remaining safe in their run.

Cockerels are welcomed.

We also board chickens if they require veterinary nursing or medication, the price for a single hen in an isolation unit is £14 / week plus any treatment required. 

2019 Prices

Up to 4 hens - £5 per day

Over 4 hens - add £1 / hen / day

Minimum boarding charge is 4 days board, payable as a non refundable deposit on booking (please see below). 

Day of arrival and day of departure charged at full daily rate.

Bank Holidays; including good friday, easter sunday, christmas day, boxing day and new years day are charged at twice standard daily rate.

Worming (Flubenvet) & Delousing combination preventative treatment £4 / hen (we recommend worming & delousing as a preventative measure in spring and autumn)

Terms and conditions

Due to the amount of last minute cancellations a non refundable deposit of 4 days board is now required on booking. This can be made by Cash (in person only please), Cheque (by post 14 days in advance of boarding - please ASK for postal address, DO NOT post to Three Acres, or PayPal - kirsty@hensforhomes.co.uk

The balance of payment for boarding is to be made by cash only and this must be made when you drop your hens off, if you are late collecting your hens or they have required any medication then the extra cost should be paid on collection of your hens.

Layers Pellets and afternoon corn / treats are included in the daily boarding cost, if your chickens are fed on mash / growers / breeders or other feed please bring sufficient for their stay.

All chickens are bedded on Hemcore (or shavings if this is not available).

You are welcome to bring your own hen house / run if you prefer, setting up and removal of this is your responsibility and at your own risk.

All eggs laid during the boarding period shall become the property of 'Hens for Homes' although I will endeavour to send you home with some eggs when you collect your hens.

Chicken boarding is at your own risk; I will make every effort to ensure the health and happiness of your hens, but cannot accept responsibility for any damage, loss or injury. In the unlikely event of any illness or injury, any vet bills will be your responsibility (please let me know if you would prefer me not to take them to the vet).

Please check your chickens over before bringing them to stay; if they have lice or scaly leg mite then I will treat them for their own comfort and wellbeing, and also to avoid infecting my own flock. I will check all chickens on arrival. The cost of any treatment (£4 for initial Worming / delousing / scaley leg treatment, then £2 per bird per week for ongoing lice / scaley leg mite treatment) will be your responsibility.


Any hens uncollected, after 28 days of the agreed collection date and where no contact has been made, will become the property of 'Hens For Homes'.


Your booking is your agreement to these terms.



We understand that circumstances change and therefore we are happy to take in chickens for rehoming with no questions asked.

We ask a small donation of £4 for each hen and £6 for each cockerel, which covers their quarantine (worming, delousing and treating scaley leg mites if required) prior to looking for a new home.

We ask that if possible you bring along their feeder and drinker and any feed, bedding, powders, tonics, etc that you have (even if opened or out of date) as we can make use of these.

If you want to advertise your hen house on our facebook page (hens for homes) then please feel free to do so, or email a photograph, asking price and contact details and we'll do it for you.

If you wish to donate your hen house to us, for use with our rehomed birds, then we can collect this with your chickens; this service is free within 10 miles, £1 / mile thereafter).

We occasionally have ex free range layers requiring homes; these may be of any variety, not just brown hens! They may not lay again (which is why they come to us). We also usually have a selection of cockerels (hybrids and pure breeds) available for rehoming, we also hold a waiting list for specific varieties of cockerels if you are after a specific breed. We ask for £6 - £10 per bird donation fee, depending on gender, age and breed.

We also rehome cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, other small pets and caged birds through our partners 'Furry Angels Rescue'; please ask if you have pets that need rehoming, or wish to rehome a pet. Fosterers always required (including dog fosterers). Donation fee applies for adopted pets, please email for details.

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